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We got the triple!


  • Product Design
  • Engineering
  • Interface Design
  • Product Graphics
  • Visualisation
  • Manufacturing

Oxxid is your partner from the inital concept through design and detailing up to the final product.


delivers industrial design with experience since 1994. Besides a good look our products show our passion for technical details and functionality. The team is based in the West of Munich, Germany.

Wide Focus

We are familiar with the needs of consumer goods, life sciences and medical technology, transportation, point of sale and packaging. Our approach is fed by our knowledge of production technologies and our creative interest.

Industrial Design

We are your partner, whether you plan to optimize a product, to realize a new method, to strengthen your CI or to open new markets for your products. And we also make your ideas happen by prototypes and design mockups.

From A to Z

We understand our work as a complete process, including good shape as well as good engineering. We help you to find the right concept for manufacturing and a partner for production.